Spa Therapies

Shine Signature Mindfulness Massage

Neck & Shoulder Reviver - 45 minutes / 60 minutes
A most relaxing and enjoyable deep aromatic oil massage, relieving neck, shoulder and upper back tension while soothing stressed muscles. Ideal for undoing those long hours at an office desk.

Aromatic Swedish Massage - 60 minutes / 90 minutes
This massage is a combination of Aromatherapy, and gentle Swedish Massage techniques, using soothing palms of hands movements to work into the muscles of the body and soft tissue to relax tense muscles and increase circulation. Pressure can be varied as you wish and you may choose your own aromatic oil to suit your mood.

Oriental Blend Massage - 60 minutes /90 minutes
A deep-tissue oil massage using a pressure point massage based on Thai-Indian techniques, this massage is effective in relieving aches, pains and strains, reducing tension and soothing sore muscles. Focus will vary according to your particular muscle problem, so please advise your therapist accordingly.

Kala Massage - 60 minutes
This Treatment uses local ingredients such as coconut oil to help hydrate the skin and protect your skin from UV light. Using curve shape of coconut shape to massage helps concentrate on the contour of your body and using the hollow of the coconuts gives greater muscle rexlation.

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Body Therapies

Nuad Thai - 60 minutes / 90 minutes /120 minutes
This ancient massage technique (Thai acupressure and yoga) has been handed down through the centuries in the Royal Thai Palaces, and uses the thumb and palm to concentrate on meridian lines of the body including some stretching to stimulate energy flow, unblock energy and create an overall feeling of well-being with improved blood circulation.

Foot Massage - 60 minutes
Foot reflexology is believed to be a window to good heath. The treatment begins with a cleansing Sea Salt Footbath followed with Reflexology pressure applied to specific points on nerve reflexes in the feet. The goal of reflexology is to treat imbalances in the body.

Deep Tissue oil and Hot Compress Massage - 90 minutes
The Combination that is second to none at Shine Spa, with the work on deeper tissue followed by a herbal hot compress, you will become fresh and full of energy again.The deep tissue massage relaxes your muscles and allows blood circulation todeliver oxygen to your entire body while the herbal compress helps the healing process. The effect will boost your energy levels and leave you feeling refreshed

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Facial Treatments

Bandara Facial - 60 minutes
Back to nature with a Bandara facial, using a secret natural honey blend to cleanse, an aromatherapy oil massage and mini-Luk Pracob compresses, a toning mask and finally a moisturiser, this fresh luxurious facial may be repeated regularly to improve the texture and radiant quality of the skin.

After Sun Soothing Facial - 60 minutes
This facial concentrates on rebalancing and re-hydrating the skin to its natural moisture levels. Good for skin that has been a little over exposed to the sun and helps maintain a glowing tan. Skin is cooled and refreshed using the properties of Aloe Vera and deep-sea marine extracts.

Rejuvenating and Anti-Wrinkle Facial - 75 minutes
This advanced facial treatment and product technology helps restore and regenerate skin, softening fine lines and improving the tonicity.

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